Nicole Sparks and Jenna Marwitz have turned slow cooking into a craze!  The Crockin’ Girls released their first cookbook in 2012 and the frenzy grew!  They knew it was time to give the people what they wanted and release a second cook book full of great recipes that cover all lifestyles.


Crockathon Planning – Securing the location, volunteers, and appropriate facilities for a 4 day, 150 recipe “crockathon” and photoshoot
Art Direction – Consulting on the book layout, assisting in styling the food photography, overseeing the execution of the vision.
Graphic Design – The Moxie Room’s designers carefully designed every single page in “It’s Our Crockin’ Life.”
Promotion – The Moxie Room aided in initial promotional efforts for The Crockin’ Girls surrounding new recipes and the new cookbook launch.

“When self publishing our second cookbook we knew we wanted to up our creative game- adding more of our kids, anecdotes, funky colors and patterns, more personality and flare! The moxie room helped to bring our vision to life and get it from our minds onto paper. Our second title “It’s Our Crockin’ Life” is a piece of us as much as it is a recipe book- and the moxie girls helped make that possible!”

– Nicole Sparks & Jenna Marwitz, The Crockin’ Girls


What makes the Crockin’ Girls special is their personalities!  Each of them are you unique and have a wonderful gravity about them!  We looked through endless cookbooks to glean valuable style techniques, layout ideas, and inspiration.  Through it all we feel we carried on the style of their first cookbook and, if possible, made the second one feel even more like you were opening a book written by a dear friend.


When The Crockin’ Girls came to us, this book was an idea.  We brainstormed and created a plan that would take 7 full months to execute.  From planning the “Crockathon”: where we crocked, plated, staged, and shot all the photos for the book in less than 4 days, to creating a unique layout for each chapter and page, to making sure the promotional pieces were exciting and eye catching, we worked as a team; pooling all of our talents to help The Crockin’ Girls realize their next dream cookbook and execute their vision.


Design, Re-Design, Shoot, Re-Design, Tweak, Press Proofs, More Tweaks, and Hours upon Hours of proofreading.  A cookbook takes a dedicated team of professionals and laser focus.  We pulled together all the elements that had been gathered and created to finalize the book you are now able to buy in bookstores all across America.


Design a cookbook indicative of The Crockin’ Girls style that embodies all the things they love about crockin’ and all the different lifestyles that can be served well through it.